About us

The Andean Birder is more than a birdwatching tours company, is a history of how local people can find a live oportunity in a passion. 

We are a group of birders who emerged from local and comnunity processes on enviromental education, research, birding promoting, community tourism and nature conservation.

Our main conviction is:

Tourism must contribute to the development of local communities and therefore to protection of biodiversity.​

Local group of birders in Western Andes
Courtesy of www.serraniagua.org

Meet our team


The Serranía de los Paraguas beyond the Colombian western andes is the place where Johnnier has been cultivating his passion for birds and nature conservancy. This region is also the place where is based the local NGO Serraniagua, a community farmers association where he learned about nature conservation strategies, agroecology, environmental education, sustainable use of natural resources, and of course, birds! He complements his job as a birding guide with biologic research activities, photography, graphic design and social initiatives, all this as volunteer in Serraniagua. Johnnier has been guiding for over 8 years since his beginning as a local guide in the Serranía de los Paraguas and has becoming a national guide with a focus in the Central and Western Andes, where has worked as a field ornithologist in researching projects.

Tour leader and Manager


Johnnier Arango

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Juan is a colombian birding guide and a passionate for birds who actually lives in Pereira city, central andes of Colombia. In the school, Juan was a member of the local birding group called Aguilas, in La Florida, a small village near to the Otún river área, and was there where he got involved in the stunning world of birds. He started as a nature guide and local birding guide at Otún Quimbaya fauna and flora sanctuary (NNP), from 2008, at the same time that started his study in tourism and heritage administration at UNISARC and music at Technological University of Pereira.

From 2013 he started his study about birds biology, getting high interest in bird communication and bird migration. He is also a co-founder of Yarumo Blanco communitary association (NGO), which their objetives are related to support and promove the nature conservancy, education and tourism developing process in the Otún river basin, Pereira. Actually he is expanding the exploration about new available birding routes in Colombia, as the amazonia and orinoquia regions in order to expand and offer a diverse and high quality experience for visitors.

Tour leader

Juan Manuel Cardona

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Shtid was born in 1989. Started his birding life in 2003 in the amazing Tatamá National Park where he lived with his family (the very well known Tapasco family owners of the Montezuma Rainforest ecolodge), as an naure interpreter. Then focused to birdwacthing due to the magnificient biodiversity he found around him.

In 2006 Sthid participated in a bird identification project led by the national park's team and then in the recognition of the birds of the Rionegro Municipal Natural Park which was published in 2008. 

Shtid is a professional certified tourist guide who actually resides in the beautiful Los LLanos (eastern plains) region of Colombia where is an active explorer and promoter of the natural richness of this place.

Tour leader - Los Llanos region

Jausman Shtid Tapasco

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