Promoting our birds

We alll agree that birds are important part of our lives, their colors, shapes, behaviors, songs; all about birds is a wonderful experience.

In The Andean Birder we want to celebrate the existence of birds with a new collection of stickers of the most relevant species of #Colombia. This first set of 5 species features 3 endemics and 2 Chocó endemic birds, some of the most sought-after birds that any birder will enjoy once and once again:

The endemic Gold-ringed Tanager is the symbol of The Andean Birder, this bird is an widely recognized icon of the colombian avifauna diversity.

Endemic Multicolored Tanager. One of the most wanted featered jewels of the country.

The endemic Yellow-eared Parrot is another iconic bird of Colombia. This social bird has been largely affected by several habitat loss and hunting.

The charismatic Orange-breasted fruiteater is a species of cotinga restricted to the Chocó mountains in Ecuador and Colombia.

The complete set will be available FOR FREE for any person interested in birds and their conservation.

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